My Friend Beth

So in a previous blog I talked to you about this incredible woman I met through etsy and how we became the dearest of friends, having never met but talking all the time, amazed at how connected we were in so many ways. So my friend Beth, from Birmingham, Alabama called me one day to tell me about an idea she had to start a new web site and how she would provide tutorials and she said what do you think of the name “My Friend Beth?”

“Brilliant” I replied. ┬áBecause whenever I talk about her I always say “My Friend Beth” so how perfect would that be for her web site. Not to mention that anyone who meets her would instantly feel like they were friends with her. She just makes you feel right at home. Maybe it’s that good ole southern charm, but maybe it’s just who she is. A down to earth, happy, motivated, generous, fun person.

With that said…the next thing she asked was if she could use some of my art work. There was not even a second of hesitation on my part. OF COURSE YOU CAN!!! Are you kidding, what a huge compliment to me that she wanted my art to be part of her website! I was thrilled! The more the idea took shape and the more she confided in me about her plans, the more success I saw on her horizon. Beth took all of her knowledge and is putting it in one place, and for a very reasonable fee you can obtain tons of information from one single source. Not only that, but you get to engage in conversation with other club members and learn more and more information about the art world, about marketing, about setting up an etsy store, about how to use PhotoShop Elements, how to create anything your heart desires.

So what are you waiting for…go check out the site, and if you want to learn from someone who is funny, and easy to follow via video tutorials then this is your place to go.

I hope to see you in the BFF club (Beth’s Friends Forever).


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