2014 is almost over.  The end of the year just a few weeks away.  Lots of changes this year for me, including the loss of my father at the beginning of the year.  Strange I come home sometimes and expect to see the blinking light on my phone and hearing his voice.  It is very […]

So it is over, 2013 is ready to exit and we are about to begin a brand new year.  Hopefully this one will offer me more time to write blog posts…it is on my resolution list although I’m not sure why because I’m not sure anyone even reads them, but it will be something for […]

My guy is the biggest procrastinator ever.  But every year he takes my son and I on vacation so I keep quiet about the procrastination even though sometimes it makes me a little crazy.  Sometimes procrastination pays off.  And this year on our vacation to Florida, Gary found this little ocean side Inn that was […]

Recently I was asked to design something for an organization called Pajama Angels.  One of the gals is a friend of mine, her husband a good friend of my significant other (I can’t use the term boyfriend it just sounds stupid at this age).  Anyway, she is a lovely woman who spends a great deal […]

I think it’s going to a busy year.  All signs so far point to it.  The fact that business at work didn’t slow down at all even before the holidays leads me to believe it is going to be a busy busy place.  Don’t get me wrong, I like being busy, I pretty much am […]

2012 has been a great year for me.  Much better than the last few.  I know that the change albeit slow in our economy is helping a lot of us feel better, a bit more stable.  Change is constant we know that is for sure. Over the past year I have met some wonderful new […]

As you may have guessed I have a full time job in the Corporate World working for a truly great staffing company.  I enjoy my job, and one of the reasons I do is because I work with lots of fabulous people.  People with personality, people who have big hearts, and just some really talented […]

So in a previous blog I talked to you about this incredible woman I met through etsy and how we became the dearest of friends, having never met but talking all the time, amazed at how connected we were in so many ways. So my friend Beth, from Birmingham, Alabama called me one day to […]